Search in Asian original texts and machine translations


According to the plans of the Chinese government, Chinese inventors are requested to apply for 2 million patents annually until 2020. In 2014 China had 1,478 million first publications of which 700.00 alone were utility models. In comparison to the year 2013 the number of applications has risen by 100.000 (1.366.604).

Comparing this to the number of first publications in Germany in the year 2013 (67.558) puts this number in perspective. Due to legal regulations with higher demands the number of utility models has fallen slightly.

The motto used to be "quantity instead of quality". However, this is currently changing. Chinese companies are usually very innovative and are conquering the international market. The Chinese domestic market is also becoming the market for Chinese products. Intellectual property rights are used to isolate markets. Regarding fields in which China is thriving to be a leader, the media and experienced patent strategists are using the term "Great Wall of Patents".

Innovative German companies are facing a challenge. They need to know which technologies are owned by Chinese companies and how they are protecting them. What are the technology trends? Is there still a chance for their company to take advantage of the market? Is there a risk to be confronted with invalidity proceedings or infringement claims?

Professional searches are indispensable and there are plenty of sources to use. However, official portals of the offices lack full text data, only contain rudimentary bibliographic data and fail to provide possibilities to evaluate and analyse the flood of information.

Machine translations provide a useful tool to read patents and grasp their contents. However, for searches in the full texts they cannot be fully utilized. In these cases, searching with Asian characters could be a solution.

Our solution for you

The Invention Navigator Plus versions allow you to search in the machine translations using English language and / or in the original texts using the corresponding characters. Any search can be set up as a monitoring profile (alert). The results are displayed in the desired language (English, original). We provide you with the complete text information for Chinese patents already 2-3 weeks after publication date. Regarding analysis and evaluation the SIP database and the Invention Navigator are not subjected to limitations. Evaluations of millions of hits are analysed effortlessly, thus large quantities of Chinese publications can be handled.