Comparison of the Invention Navigator Versions

Functions INav R&D INav Professional INav Premium further information
CPC: Search and display in Detail View   yes yes  
Extended Export (selection of documents)   yes yes  
Export Word and multiple PDF   yes yes  
Detailed Fulltext Search   yes yes  
Fulltext Search across family     yes  
Automatic and Manual Applicant Grouping     yes  
Graphical analysis and evaluation on Patent/Family level     yes  
Graphical Display of terms in the text - Word Statistic     yes  
TOP IPC and CPC   yes yes  
Extended TOP CPC and IPC     yes  
Creation of automatic searches and legal status monitoring in the Knowledge Network   yes yes  
Citation tree     yes  
Graphical display of the analysis     yes  
Search in text fields and in the codes of INPADOC legal status   yes yes  
Search for Simplified Legal Status   yes yes  
Saving of Result Lists   yes yes  
Save the history across-session   yes yes  
Search in machine translations   yes (plus version) yes (plus version)  
Additional data stock yes (Plus-Version of the Knowledge Network) yes (plus version) yes (plus version)  
Available as standalone version   yes (plus version) yes (plus version)  
Administration of the Knowledge Network   yes (Knowledge Network) yes (Knowledge Network)  
Creation of Monitoring Profiles and Alerts   yes (Knowledge Network) yes (Knowledge Network)