Company-wide Solutions

Are you working in a small, a medium-sized or a large internationally operating company? A lot of the tasks arising in patent work are the same in every company. The competitions' patents, suppliers, customers and the state of the art in general need to be regularly monitored. Patent research before starting a development, regular patent monitoring and legal status monitoring are some of the basic tasks in order to avoid costly double developments.

Large companies usually have patent departments who together with external patent attorneys take care of the entire patent work. Tasks such as patent research, patent monitoring or legal status monitoring are performed by patent professionals or delegated unto other departments, staff units or external specialists (e.g. researchers).

In smaller and medium-sized companies the management director and/or head of development together with external patent attorneys are responsible for this task.

The goal of all companies, regardless of their size, is to  perform these tasks reliably, promptly and with little administrative effort. Hereby the acceptance of the user to work with and edit the patent information is essential. Software modules tailored to the needs of the users are a crucial advantage.

With the Invention Navigator and the  Knowledge Network you are using an electronic solution supporting you with these tasks. Administrative efforts are reduced significantly and for all user groups within the company software surfaces tailored to their individual tasks are available.

Invention Navigator Portable versions and the Knowledge Network are compiled according to the numbers of users and the requirements of the different circles of users (i.e. patent departments, research and development). Thus companies of all sizes can use a professional patent information solution with the cost and features tailored to the company size. The Knowledge Network can be adjusted to the company’s work flow. Company specific evaluation forms, from simple to complex evaluation, can be easily and quickly integrated.

Safety requirements - data separation

According to your wishes and safety requirements critical data like comments, evaluations, attachments can be saved in the company while public data can remain on the SIP servers. Therefore public data is always up to date and the administrative effort in loading and saving this data is no longer required. The same fast server and research options are available to you for your own patent data stock as when researching in the global patent database Search4ip. Big hardware and software investments for internally hosted patent databases and related costs for administrative efforts (e.g. backup) are no longer needed. Only the small database with critical information on a single server or a mutually used drive need to be made available and backed up in the company.