On this page we provide you the current official versions of our Invention Navigator versions for download.  You require these versions to perform researches in the database Search4ip or to access your data in the company specific Knowledge Network. 

The download is valid for all versions of the Invention Navigators (R&D, Professional, Premium, Plus). The different versions are regulated via the user account. You do not need administration rights to install the Invention Navigator on your computer. After indtallation the software is updated automatically once a new version is available.

Due to different system requirements in the companies (Windows versions, blocked features)  the Invention Navigator Portable is available to you as MSI and ZIP versions. Regardless of which version you are using, download the version. (Click or double click on the link). You install the MSI-version by double clicking on the downloaded file. If your computer does not allow installation by MSI, then use the ZIP-version. In order to use the ZIP-version, you have to unpack the downloaded file (e.g. on your desktop) and the start the INavPortable.exe file.

Please note: For technical reasons we cannot support ClickOnce further more. Please remove Your ClickOnce installation and install the MSI-Version again. From version >= 3.0.1 InventionNavigator contains a new function for the program update, with which you can keep your program client up to date.

System requirements

Please note that an installation on Windows XP is only useable under specific circumstances as of Invention Navigator Portable versions Finf further information in the PDF.

Administration des Knowledge Networks

In order to assign rights on evaluations and folder/segments as an administrator of a company-specific Knowledge Network, you require the administration tool for the Knowledge Network. Download it by using the following link. The necessary administration rights are assigned by SIP. Please contact us if you have further questions by email ( or by telephone (+49 8024 46699-00).



Invention Navigator 7

In the year 2016 the Invention Navigator Portable will replace the die existing Invention Navigator 6 and 7. Support for Invention Navigator 6 Version ceased in 2013.

Conversion of INav 6.x and 5.x databases to INav 7 format

Please note that INav databases created with INav versions 5.x and 6.x can be used with INav 7 after conversion. However, it is not possible to use databases once opened with INav 7 with the older versions again.