What is the advantage of the Invention Navigator Knowledge Network solution in comparison to an in-house database?

The advantage of an in-house solution is that data is hosted in your own company, an understandable argument. The data separation provided by SIP for corporate solutions, means that sensitive data is hosted in your company or in a certified data centre and that public data is hosted by SIP. This means that data is always up to date, as SIP regularly updates the data using the performance of optimised servers. You need not worry about backups, downloads or changed data (such as changes in format, corrections) so your administrative effort will be reduced significantly. Specialists are taking care of your solution. The data is stored on SIP servers or in a certified data centre, never in a cloud. Data security in your company is also ensured by data separation.

Documents attached to folders or patents are saved on shared drives in your company.

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Last update on 2016-11-09 by Ihrem SIP Team.

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