What is the difference between the Invention Navigator version and the Invention Navigator Plus version?

The Invention Navigator Plus Versions enable you to search in an extended data content including additional full texts and machine translations for Asian offices such as China, Japan, Korea or other important offices like Russia, Brazil and Mexico. The data content is continuously extended. Find an overview of the current data content here.

With the Plus Version it is also possible to carry out searches with non-western full texts. Users in your Knowledge Network who are able to carry out searches in the original language with original characters can provide their search results to other users in English.

In addition to the machine translations it is also possible to translate any full text via Google Translate (On-Demand-Translation). Once translated, the full texts are stored in your Knowledge Network and are available to other users. After the weekly database update, these texts are searchable.

Last update on 2016-11-04 by Ihrem SIP Team.

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