Where are my comments, evaluations and attachments stored ?

Usually comments and evaluations are stored on SIP servers. These servers are hosted by SIP (in Germany, no cloud). Your own documents (search reports, images, documents, etc.) can be linked with patent documents or folders. This data is stored on the respective drives in your company, where you determine who can access these files.

SIP also offers to store the database containing comments and evaluations in your company (data separation). This means that public data is stored on SIP servers while confidential data is stored on a server in your company. Please contact us for any details.

As an additional security measure, SIP also offers to run the data separation server in a certified data centre. We administrate the data for you and carry out regular backups and updates.

Please feel free to contact us, if you require any further information.

Last update on 2016-11-06 by Ihrem SIP Team.

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