Which Invention Navigator version is suitable for my needs?

The software Invention Navigator Portable is optimized for the work on a PC, ideally with multiple screens.

The Invention Navigator Portable Premium enables you to carry out professional searches, create Monitoring Profiles, administrate the Knowledge Network and perform graphical analyses and statistics. We recommend this version if you regularly perform competitor monitoring and analyse the results in order to find out trends in the development.

The Invention Navigator Portable Professional is optimised for the search and can also be used for the administration of the Knowledge Network and to create Alerts, SDIs and legal status monitoring. Analyses necessary for the search (TOP IPC, CPC) are also available. The Invention Navigator Portable Professional is a suitable version for users who perform searches (FTO, State of the Art, opposition searches). We recommend the Premium version if you regularly perform searches for applicants, as the Premium version contains additional features (SIP Standard, grouping of applicants) which simplifies the search for applicants significantly by grouping different spellings and changes of the name of the company.

The Invention Navigator Portable R&D is only available within the Invention Navigator Knowledge Network. Users in R&D use this version to read, evaluate, comment on patents and search in a defined data stock. If required, the search can also be extended to the global data content of the database Search4IP. Users of the R&D version are not able to search in machine translations, but can read them and use the On-Demand-Translation depending on their rights.

The Plus Version is necessary if Asian, Russian, Brazilian, Mexican and other data content is important for your work. Find an overview here .

Last update on 2017-05-09 by Ihrem SIP Team.

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