Who delivers the patent data for a company-wide solution?

Patent data is provided by our own database Search4ip. The database is used for the search and delivers results generated by alerts (SDI, Profiles) and legal status monitoring.

This patent database contains more than 85 million patents and is updated with bibliographic data from more than 100 offices. Currently this data is complemented with full texts from more than 25 countries (e.g.DE, EP, WO, US, GB, AT, AU, CN, JP, KR) and machine translations. Find an overview of the current data content here.

Informations on legal status, images (mosaic) and PDF are also available.

The sources for patent data are: DOCDB, INPADOC of the European Patent Office, acquisition of direct data from the offices and external providers (machine translations).

Last update on 2016-11-09 by Ihrem SIP Team.

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