Invention Navigator Portable Premium

The Invention Navigator Portable Premium is the Invention Navigator edition for the patent professional and the patent analyst. In addition to the features of the Invention Navigator Portable Professional this software contains new interesting functions for research and competitor monitoring. SIP Clever Search, automatic or manual applicant grouping. With word statistics and the citation tree, new viewing options for patent documents have been added. Thus, grasping the results has been simplified significantly and the time needed for reviewing patents has been reduced.

Due to the automatic and manual applicant grouping it is not necessary any more to use different spellings, different company names, etc. of the applicants sought for. Pre-defined automatically and/or manually created applicant groupings are used for searches, analyses and patent monitoring.

Another focus of the Premium version is the top applicant analysis, new ways of TOP-IPC and TOP-CPC analysis and graphical analysis of the results lists. With the analysis the patent strategist or patent analyst is able to analyse the application behaviour of the competition in comparison to his own company and evaluate technology trends. The analysis is not limited to a certain number of hits. Even lists with Millions of hits can be analysed quickly and presented graphically.

The Word Statistic

The word statistic enables you to quickly review text contents of specific patents or a patent list by graphically displaying the frequency of occurring words. Together with Synonym Highlighting the reader notices instantly if the contents could be relevant and subsequently look at the patent in greater detail. In terms of weighting it can be selected whether the frequency of analysed passages in the text primarily concerns the title, the abstract and / or claims/descriptions.

The Citation Tree

The citation tree graphically displays the direct forward and backward citations on the time line. With filter options already read patents or patents assessed as not relevant, citations of specific offices or applicants can be removed from the display in order to arrange the citation tree more clearly. You can instantly see which applicants are cited more often or if a company regularly cites itself. Simple and fast navigation to the concerned contents (detail view) and the display of the citation tree of a cited patent in another tab enable the fast reviewing of interesting citations.

Automatic and manual applicant grouping

Often the patent offices deliver faulty applicant names, with different spellings and different company names. Retranslations and rebranding lead to additional sources of errors when researching company names. The SIP standard search or the manual applicant grouping assists you with research and analysis. By using specific algorithms the majority of applicant names and spellings are already "standardized". However, this automatic applicant grouping does usually not cover all applicant names sufficiently. With the manual applicant grouping, automatically grouped applicants can be merged manually. These applicant groups can be shared with colleagues and furtherly processed via the Knowledge Network. These manually created applicant groups are used for regular applicant monitoring within the process of patent monitoring.

Statistic and graphical analysis

Another special feature in the Invention Navigator Portable Premium is the grphical analysis and statistic. Analysis is always possible on family level or on patent level. An example for the basic analysis is the distibution of specific IPC classes (TOP IPC) or CPC classes (TOP CPC) over a specific period. This way you can analyze how the number of competitors' applications develops over a specific period. See how many patents in a result list are already dead or still granted. These are just a few examples for analyses. There is no limitation regarding the hits when evaluating the results. An analysis of more than a milllion hits can be carried out within seconds. With manual and automatic applicant grouping you define your applicant groups and therefore receive clean analyses with different companies assigned according to your preferences.

In addition to these analyses in the global data stock you can also analyse patents in the company-wide Knowledge Network in a fast and easy manner. Here you can see for example how many patents in specific technology folders were evaluated as interesting or critical. You can also analyze the behaviour of your competition in relation to patents classified by you. 

These are just a few examples of the analysis modules in the Invention Navigator Premium. All graphical analyses and result lists can be exported in Excel or as an image.

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