Invention Navigator Versions

The software Invention Navigator as a standalone solution or within a Knowledge Network is available in different versions.

The versions are differentiated between the Invention Navigator versions and the Invention Navigator Plus versions. The difference relates to the contents of the research database. Besides additional full texts in original language for many offices, the Plus version contain machine translations. In this context, Chinese and Japanese patents are worth mentioning. 

You can find an overview about the current data contents  here:

Different versions for different tasks

We are offering the Invention Navigator in different versions which are optimized for the corresponding tasks. The general design and functions are the same however, the versions differ by additional features. 

Inav R&D

for users in R&D who view, comment, evaluate patents

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INav Professional

research tool for patent professionals and researchers

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INav Premium

analyses, evaluations, research, Clever Search word statistic

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Knowledge Network

for the collaboration in the company, automated monitoring

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