Search in Asian original texts and machine translations


The Japanese Patent Office is, alongside China and USA, the biggest patent office outside of Europe.

During 2013, about 330.000 publications were published in Japan, 390.000 in USA and 1,36 million in China. The quality of the Japanese patent applications is high. An analysis of Japanese patent publications over the last 20 years shows that the priority country in first applications is in most cases Japan (see graphic, created with Invention Navigator Portable Premium).Regarding future developments it is paramount to get informed early about relevant patent applications of competitors.

Public and free search offers, like Espacenet or the new search website of the Japanese Patent Office ( provide you with an English abstract and the bibliographic data of the Japanese application. However, these are only available with a delay of up to three months. The information is available late and usually does not suffice to understand the content of the application. Full texts are necessary to completely grasp the contents. For granted patents and utility models, the data situation is even worse and an On-demand translation of found documents is often problematic and time consuming.

Machine translations are important for the rough understanding of the content. Searching in the machine translation can be seen as a helpful tool, however searching with Japanese characters can improve your search results. Databases containing machine translations of Japanese patents simplify your search and the reading of Japanese Patent publications significantly.

In addition to the bibliographic data, Japanese patent publications also contain another classification - the F-Terms. By using F-Terms, very detailed searches for classes can be carried out.

Our solution for you

The Invention Navigator Plus versions allow you to search in the machine translations using English language and / or in the original texts using the corresponding characters. Any search can be set up as a monitoring profile (alert). The results are displayed in the desired language (English, original). We provide you with the complete text information for Japanese patents already 3-4 weeks after the publication date. The ability to search for F-Terms improves the quality of your search results. Regarding analysis and evaluation the SIP database and the Invention Navigator are not subjected to limitations. Evaluations of millions of hits are analysed effortlessly, thus large quantities of Japanese publications can be handled easily.