Upgrading data content and quality of machine translations

Experiences with advanced data content and machine translations

For a number of weeks, selected customers have been using the extended data content with full texts of new offices and machine translations. The feedback of these customers has been extremely positive. We had the opportunity to present the Invention-Navigator-Plus-Version at international conferences where even bilingual examiners of patent offices were amazed by the quality of the data and the translations.
Having started with machine translations and original texts of Japanese documents and the very large data content of Chinese patents we have proceeded to include machine translations of the offices: KR, RU, MX and BR.

Additional full text data content like SE, FI, NO, DK, NL was also added. We are continuously extending our full text content and are looking forward to offering you Indian data in the near future. The data quality of these patents, especially the number formats, is currently insufficient in order to provide a sensible gathering of family data. We would like to point out that Indian full texts are included in Espacenet and DOCDB, making them available in our search4ip database. However, this only concerns specific data and not the entire content.
Regarding China and Japan, we have gathered a few facts on our website.


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