Patent Search

If you would like to carry out patent searches or are looking for a database for regular patent monitoring or competition monitoring, then the Invention Navigator gives you access to one of the world's largest patent databases (SIP database Search4ip).

Here you can get an overview of the current stock of full-text databases and machine translations, e.g. Asian patents (CN, JP).

Contents of the Search4ip Patent Database

Intuitive menues, clear search masks which can be created according to your search query, assistants (e.g. for IPC or applicant search) will save you time and help you when setting up search strategies. Even inexperienced users will be able to manage the software easily and intuitively and can carry out patent researches without  having to learn an Online Retrieval Language.

Different versions from the R [&] D version for less experienced researchers in your Research and Development departments or the Premium version for experienced patent professionals provide ideal working conditions for each user.

View patents, check and understand relevance

It is important for the researcher to receive the results processed in a way that they are able to view them fast and check their relevance in order to delve deeper into the contents.

The Invention Navigator enables this by adaptable result lists with images, detail view with all images and full texts, Synonym Highlighting and the graphical display of content, patent families and citation trees. When performing a text search, the SIP-Ranking ensures that relevant patents are displayed at the start of the title list. Fast browsing through the results without waiting times and the merging of a family with a pre-defined country as a representative are further requirements for the efficient viewing of results.

Share, distribute, export search results

The last step of a research is the distribution of the results to the client, the creation of a research report in an attractive manner and the recording of research steps and results.

The Invention Navigator Portable offers you exports in Word and Excel which can be designed individually and enriched with your templates (Word). Searches and results can be saved and recordings of your research can be created. Search results can be distributed in the respective folders within a Knowledge Network using Drag-and-Drop or by mouse click. The recepients will be automatically informed via E-mail.

Time saving when creating the result reports will make space for other tasks.