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SIP Software for Intellectual Property GmbH offers various software solutions for patent research in one of the world's largest patent databases, patent monitoring, and legal status monitoring. The company-wide solutions are optimised to display the workflow within a company, starting from the research through to the distribution and evaluation.

The spectrum includes the software editions of Invention Navigator, the world-wide Search4ip patent database and the monitoring of legal status and patent family changes. We also offer advice relating to patent monitoring, or advise you on designing work processes with respect to monitoring of competitors’ patents.  We also offer training courses on using the software and administrating the Invention Navigator solutions.

If you would like to know how companies of different sizes (from medium-sized companies to large international corporations) use our software solutions for different tasks, you will find more information in the menu item Corporate Solutions. If you would like to use the Invention Navigator as a standalone version (researcher, patent attorney) you can find more information here.  

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Test Account

Of course you can test the Invention Navigator for free and without obligation. Please contact us via the contact form or by phone. We are happy to provide you with further advice around which version you would like to test, whether you want to implement a company-wide solution or are interested in legal status and family monitoring. We can set up a test account tailored to your requirements.