Invention Navigator Standalone

You can use the Invention Navigator as a standalone version or within the Invention Navigator Knowledge Network.

The standalone version is designed for users:

  • conducting researches
  • setting up a filing structure (folder tree, work files) with relevant patents
  • commenting on patents
  • creating links to locally filed documents
  • administrating searches, result lists
  • creating research reports
  • distributing exports in Word/Excel to customers

without using a mutual filing structure with customers, colleagues or clients.

You can download the Invention Navigator Portable at any time from our website and install it on your PC without the need for administrator rights. Use your log-in data to log on to the SIP servers. Now you are ready to carry out your researches. You can always access your data (filing structures, saved searches, history) even when working on a different PC.

Why a Windows Client Server Solution ?

Using the Invention Navigator as a software has many advantages in comparison to browser-based solutions. Specific tasks which are carried out on a regular basis (e.g. searches in CPC, IPC, selection of classes, selection of legal status codes) take place locally in the Invention Navigator software and do not require constant contact with the SIP servers via the internet. By using the working memory of your computer you can, for example, load a result list in the background while reading other patents. These option allow high performance and fast browsing of the results, as it is not necessary to constantly built up a connection between SIP and the application. Another advantage is the use of secure PNG encryption. The pages are displayed in the same way with all Windows versions and do not depend on the use of specific browser versions.

Menu navigation and other features are well known from Windows programmes (Drag-and-Drop, Ctrl, Alt A, context menu with right mouse click). Thus getting used to the programme is quite simple.

Overview Of The Standalone Solutions

You can use the Invention Navigator Premium or the Invention Navigator Professional as a standalone solution. Both version differ regarding their functionalities. All versions use the database Search4ip when carrying out a research. 

In addition to the SIP-Patent database Search4ip we also offer the possibility to access further data stock (e.g. on-demand CN, JP machine translations) You can use this additional data stock in the Invention-Navigator-Plus-Version.

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