Fulltext Data and Machine Translations

office/ country fulltext in original language version on demand
EP from 1978 all plus
WO/ PCT from 1987 (Latin) all plus
US from 1971 all plus
GB from 1893 all plus
FR from 1920 all plus
BE from 1926 all plus
BR from 2010 plus plus
CN from 1985 plus plus
ES from 1992 all plus
JP from 1993 plus plus
AT 1902 - 1944 | 1949 - 1952 | 1958 - 1990 | from 1994 all plus
CH from 1920 all plus
AU from 1966 all plus
CA from 1966 all plus
DD from 1964 all plus
DE from 1879 all plus
IN from 1990 plus plus
IE from 1990 plus plus
FI from 1990 plus plus
DK from 1990 plus plus
SE from 1990 plus plus
NO from 1990 plus plus
KR frontfile plus plus
MX from 2014 plus plus
NL from 1990 plus plus
RU from 1998 (all)
backlog to 1994 claims only
plus plus
WO non Latin   plus plus
Currently SIP is loading all data marked with the information "coming soon". The list will get updated as soon as new data stock has entirely loaded. Unfortunately, we can't give you a clear indication as to when the data is available, as it depends on the delivery intervals of the data supplier. We will inform you via our Newsletter once new data stock is available.
Countries/Offices marked with "Plus" are only available in the Standalone Plus-Versions of the Invention Navigator. R&D users of the Knowledge Network are also able to access this data.