New functions in the Invention Navigator Portable 2.4

Extended Word Index

The extended word index gives you the option to generate suitable terms and synonyms for your text search. You can instantly see which terms your search would find when you are searching for the word using the respective truncations.

The word index displays the frequency of search terms in the patent database Search4ip and you can see which and how many terms are found with the used search string.

Select the terms to be transferred to your search in the usual Windows manner. (Ctrl + left click, Shift + left click, Ctrl + A) and click “Apply selection to search”. The terms are directly transferred to your search field and linked with OR. This significantly simplifies the entry of a large number of search terms.

Define displayed languages

Patent publications are displayed in a multitude of languages. For some countries the texts are already available in different languages (Example: EP grant in German, English, French), for other countries machine translations are available in addition to the original language (e.g. CN, JP). Other patent families contain family members in an understandable language. From Invention Navigator Portable version 2.4. it is possible to set up, which languages are automatically displayed.


Select: German, English, English machine translations.

If the found result contains a German text, it will be displayed in the result list and in Detail View. If a German text is not available, the English text or the English machine translation is displayed. If this family member does not contain an English text, the German or English text of a family member is displayed. In this case the family relation is the “strict patent family”, i.e. the reference to a direct priority.

Shortcuts for fast navigation

At the request of our customers we have expanded the ability to navigate in the Invention Navigator using keyboard shortcuts. You can use these shortcuts to scroll through a list, browse from image to image or mark patents as read or not-relevant. Frequently used folders can also be accessed via the keyboard shortcuts.

Find information on the use and the setting up of the keyboard shortcuts in our Online-Help.

Classifications – Search in Japanese F-Terms and in IPC 1-7

The search for classifications (CPC and IPC 8) was expanded by the search for Japanese F-Terms and the search in the old classes IPC 1-7.


The search in the F-Terms enables you a very detailed search regarding the different aspects of the invention. Find additional information regarding this classification here: Information F-Terms Japanese Patent Office.

IPC 1-7

In 2006 the IPC was fundamentally reformed. One of the key innovations was the introduction of the Master Classification Database. All patent publications affected by an IPC-revision were re-classified. Thus all patent documents contained in the SIP-patent database can be searched on the basis of the current version of the IPC.

In individual cases it can be sensible to search the old classes of the IPC 1-7. In order to enable these special search queries it is now possible to search the old IPC classes. For these classes, unlike the IPC8, a hierarchic structure is not available. However, you can use the websites of the DPMA or the WIPO to find the respective codes for your search.

New fields in the Excel Export

New fields were added to the Excel Export:

  • Application date/number
  • Date of grant
  • Priority date
  • Citations


Search for dates in the additional fields

With the Invention Navigator Portable 2.4. it is possible to search for dates in the additional fields. If, for example, you are searching: <>2009-01-20, all date-entries before or after the 20.01.2009 are found.

New features in the Knowledge Network

Document Link

In the Knowledge Network it was already possible the past to attach links to documents to patent numbers and families. From version 2.4 it is also possible to attach these links to a folder.


If you, for example, collect information for an opposition, simply create a folder “Opposition” and assign all patents related to this opposition. Attach other documents like brochures, literature, search reports, etc. to this folder. The documents are not physically attached to the folder. A link is created. The document remains on your PC or on a shared drive. Users with access to the drive can open or edit the document.

New active folders for daily searches

Automatic searches (alerts, monitoring profiles) are usually carried out after a database update and produce results on a weekly basis. When performing a search in the database Search4ip it is also sensible to start these searches once a week, as new content is loaded and found only once a week.

A search, “Show all patents evaluated as critical” will access database content which can change regularly. In order for this not having to be done manually, it is now possible to create a new folder type which will automatically perform a search once a day during the night. Newly found results are then filed in the folder and if set up, you will receive a notification.

Search for grouped applicants now possible in other versions

Applicant groups created in the Invention Navigator Premium can now be made available to all users in the Knowledge Network for search purposes. This function makes it much easier for your colleagues in R&D to search relevant patents by applicant name. The completeness of your search will be higher, as the problem with different spellings and company names is already alleviated by the automatic applicant grouping and the manual selection of applicant names performed by the Premium-User.

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